Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Machine is Us/ing Us

Check out this video, "The Web is Us/ing Us." It shows how the Web has evolved and continues to evolve . . . to Web 2.0. I came across the video on the weekly Discovery Educator Network's newsletter.

On another note, Sharon hosted the Riverview IU 6's librarians' meeting on Friday and did a fine job introducing the group to digital storytelling and making movies with Microsoft's Photo Story 3 (a free download!) The librarians first viewed samples of movies created by KHS students and learned how such projects can be integrated into the curricula. They then had an opportunity to create their own movies, which we enjoyed watching while finishing our delicious soup, salad, and dessert lunch prepared by Mrs. Kinch's Family and Consumer Science students.

Sharon also presented a similar workshop to the KES teachers on the February 19 Act 80 Day, and that workshop was a lot of fun, too. We have some very creative storytellers on staff! :) Photo Story can be used in any subject area to allow students to demonstrate learning using photos (from a digital camera or saved from the Internet), music, and their own voices.

I've been working with a group of elementary teachers on using Unitedstreaming video clips and images in PowerPoint presentations. They, too, are developing some quality teaching resources to use with their students. We also took a look at the Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder, and other features of the Unitedstreaming web site.

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