Thursday, February 22, 2007


I am so glad we were permitted to attend the PETE&C Conference—even though it got cut short. It is so energizing and beneficial to see what is going on in other parts of the state and to get new and refreshing ideas to share.

While at the conference I attended a session on E-Portfolios presented by Brookville Area School District. These ladies gave me some ideas to improve our Sr. presentations that I will be sharing with the Sr. Project team. They demonstrated how we can make our portfolios more personal and bring in more of the students interest.

I also attend a couple of workshops on integrating technology into the curriculum. Presenters demonstrated how to effectively integrate technology seamlessly into the classroom. They provided practical strategies to infuse technology with curriculum while meeting standards. They stressed the fact that whether you were using a single computer, a lab of computers or anything in between, you have the ability to integrate technology.

The last session I attended was on PowerPoint and how it is not just for lectures anymore. This session demonstrated the more recent versions of PowerPoint(2003 –2007) with its interactive features and annotative capabilities. WOW--- WE NEED TO UPDATE--- OUR STUDENTS ARE MISSING OUT!!!

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  1. We did talk today in a budget meeting about our need to update our Microsoft Office applications. I just don't know how we can do it cost effectively; the other problem is that communication and file transfer becomes difficult if we're not all using the same version. However, it is cost prohibitive to update 400 computers at the same time to a newer version. Bill Gates needs to help schools out with this issue!


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