Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From Word to PowerPoint

It is really easy to take a Word document and turn it into a PowerPoint. I found this in one of my journals and am going to use it in some way in one of my classes.... It is 3 easy steps.
1. Take your original Word document (report, letter, etc.) Turn it into an outline by using the outline view. Use the heading settings to format the text into outline levels. This is the hardest part. Heading 1 becomes Title text, Heading 2 becomes the 1st level of body text, Heading 3-6 become additional levels of slide text and Normal is not included on the PowerPoint.
2. In your formatted document, select File/Send to and select PowerPoint. In PowerPoint select File/Open from the main menu. In the files of type drop down list, select All Outlines, select your Word outline and open it.
3. Format your slide show with clip art, etc.

For some people who do things in their classes with reports, this might be a really easy way to have your students show their work! When I tried this I sent it to PowerPoint and I did not have to open the program the computer did it for me. Hope this helps some of you!

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