Friday, March 30, 2007

More "Classrooms for the Future"

I must say that I was pleased with the response to our "Classrooms for the Future" presentation at the faculty meeting yesterday. It is great to see such enthusiasm for a project that will be a lot of work, a lot of time, and as with anything new, a lot of frustration! If you didn't get all of the handouts (4 in all), please let me know. We hope you will review the grant information when you have time to absorb it all and then share your ideas and questions when we get back together on April 11.

Although I wish we could roll out the project to all who are interested in the first year, realistically I don't think that will happen. A major challenge will be designing a plan for sustaining the laptops after the four-year warranties expire and they need replaced. We're talking a lot of laptops--possibly as many as 400--on top of the 400 or so computers that we already have to maintain. It would be a considerable financial strain to replace 400 laptops in one year. And as Tami stated yesterday, we were told at the PDE workshop that the districts that started small with their projects are having easier implementations.

Something to think about . . . If we spread implementation over two years, will those of you who are involved in Year 1 be willing to trade rooms with Year 2 teachers from time to time to share the wealth? There will be days when you're not using the projection system or laptops. Can we pair you up for a year?

So what do we want you to bring back for the April 11 meeting? We want your visions for the future of teaching and learning at KHS. Dream big! Do you envision cross-curricular projects? Team teaching? Block scheduling? Don't forget the regional wide-area network (RWAN) that's coming in this summer. Will you collaborate on projects with other schools? Take your students on virtual field trips? Have your students confer with experts? All of these things will be available to you and your students!

Remember, this is NOT a technology project. This is reforming education as we know it so that we prepare our students for life in the 21st century. What will it take? I don't have the answers . .. but I will share the thoughts of others with you as I come across them.

Please see Mrs. Walters, Sharon, Tami, or me if you have questions, and we'll our best to answer them. Also, feel free to add your thoughts to this blog. That's what it's for!


  1. I too was pleased with the response from the meeting. Just to add to what Barb is saying, we are not looking for lesson plans, we need to have a fair and feasible plan of implementation. We know that we can't do everyone at the same time. How do you see this working? Can you share? What do you see for the future? What would be a fair way of distrubuting the equipment? Do we have a lottery? Do we do class levels? Do we do departments? Do we see who has the most interest? Are you one that would be more comfortable to wait for a year, to see how it all works before you jump in? These are question we don't have answers for and we need your imput. Speak up. We need your buy in!

  2. In determining who gets CFF, I think there should be some type of general interest survey. That may give you something to go by in terms of who receives it. You may find that most of a grade level wants it or most of a departmment, etc. I think that if you go with the people who are enthusiastic about it, that will generate enthusiam and ideas with others for the future. Also, I think it would be helpful to identify those people who are not at all interested and show them specifically how they can make tech part of their existing curriculum. Sharing rooms is also a possibility.

  3. I agree with Sandi that we need a way to determine who is going to receive the first round of equipment. I also agree that we need to find out who has the most desire to have the equipment and who will put it to the best use. Maybe a survey would be a good idea. The next problem then is ... if we still have to many to implement in the first year, how do we determine who gets the equipment. What is a fair way to distribute?

  4. i like how only the teachers are commenting on this.


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