Wednesday, May 2, 2007

PSBA Tech Expo

We hosted our Tech Expo today for the PA School Boards Association and had visitors from the Cranberry, Jamestown, Redbank Valley, and Reynolds School Districts as well as from the Appalachia Intermediate Unit. Senator Peterson's aide, Debra Pontzeer, also stopped by for a few minutes, and Tom McCoy, former KHS science teacher and now KSD Board member, spent most of the day with us as well.

Our Tech Expo was very student centered, and I am SO PROUD of our students. They did an outstanding job explaining their work and interacting with our guests. You guys rock!

We started our day at the high school by showing a PhotoStory movie about KHS created by 7th graders from Mrs. Johnson's English class. Kelly and Kurt reviewed the electronic portfolios they developed for their senior projects, and Courtney shared her Salem Witch Trials PowerPoint presentation she prepared for 11th grade English. Ben talked about his "Be an Expert" project that he researched and developed for Computer Tech 10 on throwing a football. Next, Haley discussed the Johnstown Flood video she created using Moviemaker software for her 8th grade research class. Kaitlyn then shared the PowerPoint she made based on her research for her 7th grade science bug project.

Alex and T. J. took digital pictures of each guest as they arrived this morning. We then visited Mrs. Winters' and Mr. Carrow's digital photography class, where the students imposed each of the pictures on a Wheaties box while they collaborated with the guests to personalize the photos. The pictures were printed on heavy paper for the guests to take home.

Seventh and eighth grade students then manned stations to demonstrate how they use the handheld computers. We had stations for science probes, digital cameras, keyboards, and music software. Jake and Jordan led us on an outdoor scavenger hunt using the GPS devices.

Next, Mr. Maddy and our technician, Chris Kapp, led a tour of our labs and network infrastructure. After a busy morning, we relaxed in the library with a delicious lunch prepared and served by Mrs. Kinch and her Family and Consumer Science students.

We then moved on to Keystone Elementary, where we enjoyed a movie created by students from Mr. Mould's and Mrs. Giering's classes. Students from several grade levels demonstrated the software that they use on a regular basis. We visited Mrs. Campbell's kindergarten class to see how they incorporate the SmartBoard into their lessons and then went on to second grade. Mrs. Hurst and Miss Ritts had their students show and explain their digiscopes, and Miss Fagley's students did an excellent job interacting with our guests by typing questions on their Aphasmarts. We were impressed that they kept their fingers on the home row!

We moved upstairs to see the 4th grade mini-lab and the projects displayed in the hallways. On our way out, we stopped in the library to take a look at Mrs. Colantonio's mini-lab.

All in all, we had a great day, and I can't thank our teachers and students enough for all of their help!

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