Friday, July 27, 2007

No News is Good News?

I had a feeling that the "Classrooms for the Future" (CFF) grants would be announced today . . . but I was wrong! :( I did notice that PDE rolled out the "Science: It's Elementary" awards this morning, and that program was part of the new education budget, too. So maybe next week for CFF. When we attended the CFF meeting in the spring, the CFF managers said they hoped to announce the awards in July so districts could get equipment ordered in the summer and installed early in the fall. Of course, those plans probably got moved back when the state budget was passed two weeks behind schedule. I did get an updated price list from our Apple rep this week, so they must be anticipating an announcement soon, too.

I'll bet even the CFF project management team was shocked that Governor Rendell got all of the $90 million he requested for CFF in the budget, plus another $11 million for teacher training! I heard before school was out in May that PDE didn't expect full funding but that they hoped to give the districts "something." I'm hopeful that Keystone will get a chunk of the funds; we requested $600,000+ over two years. I truly believe our teachers and students are ready to move to the next level of technology integration. We owe it to our kids to prepare them as best we can for their futures, and what better way than with the tools they use every day outside of school!

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