Sunday, July 15, 2007

What is a Teacher?

The following definition of a teacher, by Allan Glatthorn, is posted on The Committed Sardine blog. This description certainly doesn't describe how I was taught or how I have taught students in my own classroom in the past. But it does describe the teacher who will prepare students for life in the 21st Century. Students must know how to find information on their own, analyze it, and then use it to solve problems. Teachers can no longer be the sole providers of information; students have to learn how to learn!

The question is, how do we teach students how to learn and still ensure that they meet the state academic standards and the requirements of "No Child Left Behind?" The authentic assessments promoted in student-centered learning are in direct conflict with PSSA's standardized testing

What is a teacher?
A guide, not a guard.
What is learning?
A journey,
not a destination.
What is discovery?
Questioning the answers,
Not answering the questions.
What is the process?
Discovering ideas
Not covering content.
What is the goal?
Open minds, not closed issues.
What is the test?
Being and becoming.
Not remembering and reviewing.
What is learning?
Not just doing things differently,
But doing different things.
What is teaching?
Not just showing them what to learn,
But showing them how to learn.
What is school?
Whatever we choose to make it.

Allan Glatthorn

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