Monday, July 16, 2007

Wikis in Plain English

Wiki? What's a wiki? Kathy Schrock recommends this excellent 4-minute video on her blog. The video gives a simple explanation of how a wiki works. Did you know that "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian word for "quick?" Probably the best-known (and controversial) example of a wiki is Wikipedia.

Teachers and students are using wikis to collaborate on group projects, design online study guides, and publish research projects. Any member of the group can add to or edit the content of the wiki. Take a look at Vickie Davis's award-winning classroom wikis from Westwood High School in Georgia. Ms. Davis differentiates the use of blogs and wikis in her classroom by assigning blogs for opinions and wikis for facts.

The "Teachers First" site lists ideas for using wikis in classrooms. Elementary teachers, click on the link for "younger students." Yes, elementary kids can create wikis, too!

I hope to offer some workshops on using blogs, wikis, and other Web 2.0 applications this coming school year. Stay tuned!

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