Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More from CFF Coaches' Boot Camp

David Warlick has written a few more entries in his 2 Cents Worth blog about his experience at the Classrooms for the Future (CFF) Coaches' Boot Camp this week. (I am SO jealous that Sharon Geary is there, and I'm missing all of that good stuff!)

David said the following about Year 1 of the CFF program. The program is currently beginning Year 2.

I won’t go into details here, except that they were seeing surprising shifts in how teachers were teaching and students were learning, statistically significant data. The surprise is that they have only had laptops in these classrooms for a few months. He said that the coaches seemed to be the key. Sounds an awful lot like what we’re learning about tech facilitators and the kinds of professional development that’s working here in North Carolina.

I also got to talk with Holly Jobe just before I had to head out to the airport. Holly is the director (not sure about her title) of the project. I hope to have time, next week, to do a proper interview. She did say that from their experience, so far, with the project, the state department of education seems to have simply struck a match to a field of oil, that was just waiting to be lit. These high school teachers seem ready to rethink and retool their classrooms. This is pretty exciting.

While Sharon is slaving away at boot camp, we are back in Knox planning for implementation of CFF. We are completing a "site readiness checklist" for Apple as well as revising our grant budget to fit our reduced award. We also participated in a teleconference with Apple representatives yesterday and met our Apple sales rep in person last Friday. CFF teachers are determining where they want their equipment installed in their classrooms.

Things are rolling right along. KHS students will soon experience the same excitement that David Warlick wrote about from boot camp!

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  1. WOW my mind is spinning. David Warlick, what an excellent speaker and presenter. I can't wait to get back to KHS and share his presentation. This week has been a whirl wind. I have so much going through my head right now, I can't wait to share with everyone and GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!


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