Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another CFF Update

The latest on our Classrooms for the Future grant implementation:
  • Tammy Goble has retired from the district after 35 years as a speech and language teacher, teacher of the gifted, and 8th grade reading specialist. However, she is reinventing herself yet again to become our substitute high school librarian! She will replace Sharon Geary, who is serving as our CFF coach.
  • The maintenance guys will work this Saturday (and next Saturday if necessary) to install the electricity for the projectors and drill holes for installation of the whiteboards.
  • Our purchase orders have been sent to and received by Apple.
  • Apple will send a provider to do a walk-through site review of the high school to plan for installation of equipment.
  • CFF teachers will complete an online "Teacher Technology Profile" to help Apple prepare for teacher training sessions. Instructions will be provided when I get them.
  • Within about two weeks after installation, the CFF teachers will attend a two-day "out-of-the-box" training session conducted by Apple at a regional location to be announced. This training will include the iLife suite, iWorks, the Mac operating system, whiteboards, third-party software, and classroom management of equipment.
  • Sharon will attend Apple coach's training sessions throughout the year.
  • A team from KHS, which includes administration, will attend a two-day leadership session provided by Apple.
Apple's goal is to have all equipment installed and teacher training sessions done by the end of November!

Also, take a look at this newly released video from Governor Rendell!

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