Saturday, October 13, 2007

CFF--What's Going On?

Our "Classrooms for the Future" implementation is on track, but of course it's not moving as fast as we'd like!

Over the past few weeks:

  • Mrs. Walters, Sharon Geary, and I attended a required CFF Leadership Workshop at the Pittsburgh PATTAN complex. We heard from schools (Freedom, Pine-Richland, Cornell) who implemented CFF last year and got sound advice from their experiences. Penn State's Dr. Kyle Peck also shared early research results from Year 1 that are already showing positive and significant educational impact from CFF after only a few months of implementation!

  • We updated our CFF program description and budget on the eGrants web site, and on Friday had our project stamped as "substantially approvable" by PDE. We are now awaiting the official letter so we can send out our purchase orders to get our equipment. Apple is standing in the wings awaiting our POs so they can schedule our installation and training.

  • Our overworked custodians are desperately trying to find blocks of time in their busy days to install electricity in the ceilings of the seven CFF classrooms. The power is needed to run the multimedia projectors.

  • The District is in the process of hiring a high school librarian to replace CFF coach, Sharon Geary. We are thrilled with the "substitute" being hired! More on that later after things are official.

  • We gave the entire high school faculty an update on CFF at a meeting this past week and then met separately with the CFF teachers. Sharon gave these seven their CFF binders and discussed the required 30-hour online course in which they will enroll. Our leadership team will attend a professional development training in Edinboro later this month.
I also had an eye-opening experience on Friday. Our school psychologist needed a network printer installed on her laptop. No problem . .. I've installed printers many times. So she booted up her computer, and I connected her to the network. Then I realized I really didn't know how to install the printer--she uses a MacBook! We will all have a learning curve as we get 110 new MacBooks in the building in less than a month. I wonder how long it will take me to figure out how to print!

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