Friday, November 2, 2007

Classrooms for the Future Update

Although our equipment installation is still scheduled for next Thursday and Friday, we're getting a bit nervous about whether it will really happen then. Before Cross IT, the Apple Service Provider, can come in and install, we must have all of the equipment in house. We are still awaiting the whiteboards and the MacBooks.

Although the official word from Apple is that the MacBooks won't ship for another week or two, our Apple sales rep is working feverishly with her contacts to keep our installation on track. I haven't heard anything about the whiteboards, which come from a separate vendor. Keep your fingers crossed that all of the stars align before next Thursday!

We will also be scheduling some lab time for students in Grades 9 and 10 to complete a mandatory pre-survey to begin the CFF data collection. Teachers have a pre-survey to complete as well, in addition to the Apple survey that is due by Nov. 9. We thought we'd let you complete the Apple training survey before we throw this second survey at you! The deadline for completing both the student and teacher CFF pre-surveys is Nov. 21.

We would appreciate it if one 9th grade and one 10th grade teacher would volunteer to give up class time for one day in order to complete these student pre-surveys. They are estimated to take 30 minutes and must be done online. Teachers, please let me know if you are willing.

Also, "Coach" Geary will be attending a mandatory Apple coaches' training at Elizabeth-Forward High School on Nov. 13 and 14. She's sure hoping she gets her MacBook before then so she has some idea how to turn it on! :)

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