Saturday, January 5, 2008

MORE Testing for PA Students?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported this week that the Pennsylvania Department of Education may require students to pass competency exams to graduate. A public hearing will be held on the proposal later this month, and a vote on implementation is expected to follow soon after.

According to the Post-Gazette:
Rather than a single graduation test, the state is mulling a series of exams that could be used in place of traditional course finals. The program would consist of 10 exams -- three in math, two in language arts, three in social studies and two in science. A district could use state-created tests or its own, with state approval.

The math exams would include material covered in algebra 1, algebra 2 and geometry; the language arts exams would cover English 11 and English 12; the social studies exams would cover American history, world history and civics; and the science exams would cover biology and chemistry.

A student would have to pass at least five exams: one English, two math and one each in social studies and science.

Read the entire article.

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