Saturday, January 19, 2008

Senior Project Deadlines Met

This past week was a busy and sometimes stressful one for both seniors and teachers as the students raced to complete their senior projects by their Wednesday deadline. Keystone students are required to compile an electronic portfolio that includes work samples and their reflections of that work. Since this is the second year of this version of our senior project, the Class of 2008 was required to include work samples from only their junior and senior years.

The seniors will have 30 minutes each on Monday to present their portfolios to faculty and community members for evaluation. The projects are evaluated on a pass/fail basis. More information about the senior project requirements can be found on the KHS web site.

Students may design their portfolios using a PowerPoint slideshow, a FrontPage web site, an Inspiration web, or a Word document. They then link work samples, artifact reflections, pictures, and other documents to showcase their learning. Students are also required to document a minimum of five hours of community service performed each year.

In addition to learning the new technology skills needed to complete their electronic portfolios (web site design, scanning, converting images to pdf format, linking documents, organizing files, etc.), students gain important lessons in time management and meeting deadlines.

KHS underclassmen in Grades 9-11 also should be collecting work samples and compiling artifact reflections as they go through the school year. We hope parents will discuss these requirements and help us monitor their students' progress. If our underclassmen work on their portfolios as they move through their high school years, they will have a much less stressful senior project experience!

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