Friday, February 15, 2008

More from Pete & C: "Infusing Tech in the Middle School Classroom"

Presenter: Andrea Tzabari, 6th grade teacher (English & History)—Lower Merion SD

Planning Tech Lessons
  • Essential questions
  • Enduring understandings
  • Assessment—authentic
  • Differentiate instruction
Use tech for right reasons! Content!

Curricuplan—her district uses to post their lesson plans so others can access them

"Grammar Rock" project—on parts of speech; grammar
Kids researched part of speech—made posters, etc. Wrote lyrics and then created music on Garageband. Could listen to podcasts to review information.

Post lessons for review or for absent students

teachers in her district required to post homework, assignments, etc. daily
links to lessons
iNotes—kids answer questions posted by teacher; limited discussion
links to tech lessons

Team web page
Photos published with parental permission
Blogging links
Classroom updates/student reflections
Run by students and edited by teachers
What’s going on with team
Teacher moderates blogs—she poses questions for blogging

Journals, reflections, research logs
Student collaboration—read each other’s work, link to others
Uses—can be moderated
Discussion board

Classroom Newspaper
Used before trying web page

Comic Life software
Students create comics to demonstrate learning
Myth of Isis and Osiris
An Egyptian myth
Safety on Internet

“Operation Montserrat”--eMission (NASA)

Storyboarding with paper and pencil first
Math—word problems, problem-solving strategies
Timelines on their lives . . . add what’s going on in world at the same time
Current events—requires students to do weekly
Morning announcements

Each teacher has 5 laptops in his/her classrooms Also have traveling laptop carts.

Team eBoard
Lower Merion's Tech Mentor Program

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