Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Web 2.0 Tools Go Elementary

This session at Pete & C was presented by Lori P. Sheldon, a teacher and Keystones Technology Integrator in the Wayne Highlands School District. A former 3rd grade teacher, she is currently serving as the district's CFF coach. Her class web site can be viewed at http://mrssheldon.wikispaces.com/

My notes from the session:

Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind
--right-brain thinking
--can someone overseas do it cheaper?
--prepare kids for future

21st Century Skills

Kids came up with ideas for blog
Got permission from parents to have pics without names on Web; some kids shown with avatars instead of pictures
Times tables; body systems—all in kids’ words
Talked with students about editing
She copies and pastes their work onto blog
Kids’ work edited for “3rd grade appropriate”—not perfect!
Took time from literacy block and word study block (40- minute time periods) First time about 2 hours to get it done.

Wikispaces—her class web site
Journey North Tulip Project
Ecosystems project
Divided into teams for collaborative work
Hot links for each subject to research
Presented work in Inspiration
Report card info—“guide to report card”
Everything she handed out to parents in paper form is posted on wiki
Others can join space and collaborate
Benefits over other teacher web sites--Easier to imbed videos, slides, collaborative effort

Does most tech work in school because many of her students don’t have broadband at home—differentiated instruction—higher-level students sometimes work on extras at home

Save Keynotes presentations as Flash

Slideshare.net—save presentations and link to from Wikispaces

Wikispaces will create accounts for students without email addresses wikispaces.com/help/ Send email . . . they will create accounts for kids in a few minutes
Make sure you start account as teacher so they remove the ads!

Connect classroom to classroom for free
Bring in virtual guest with camera and microphone

Make private or public—people can comment on student work (can moderate comments)
Kids give preview (ad) of book they’ve read—their original art (scanned—scanner quit working—held in front of web cam!)
Story retelling
Research sharing

Morpheus—travels from school to school—teach him as much as you can—share with Web 2.0 tools—travels with journal
Takes pics and arranges; add music; like rock video
Be careful of ads on the site

Virtual pet online—buy stuffed animal—get secret code
Play games with pet—most have educational value
One of the things she uses as a reward in her classroom
Sends pet home with a journal-kids write about their adventures while have pet for 3 days
She purchased 3 as class pets and gave each their own account; kids share
Another teacher in the session interjected that she rewards her students for clean desks—pet selects winner
Kids earn $ while playing games; can buy things
Another teacher said local gift shop donated pet for each student for Christmas; use with Webkinz
Can chat through dropdown menus; can invite others to play
$8-$15 dollars/webkinz

How did she discover these tools?
Online chat
Gives 140 characters to say what you’re doing now.
Ask others to comment on student work, etc.

20 teachers sharing resources
100 collaborators including from other countries

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