Saturday, April 12, 2008

I-Search, iLife, and iWork Make Quality Projects!

Mrs. McElravy's 9th grade CFF English classes have spent the past few weeks using their Macbooks to complete I-Search projects. After reading The Miracle Worker, the story of Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan, students chose research topics. They were encouraged to learn more about a disability, disease, or medical issue, and some students chose to research afflictions that have had an effect on someone close to them.

The I-Search process requires that students interview experts on their topics. Some conducted face-to-face or phone interviews, and others asked questions via email or through web sites. A couple of girls had their inquiries answered on the class blog.

After their research was complete, the 9th graders prepared projects to share what they learned. The students prepared PowerPoints, Keynote presentations, or iWebs that included images and videos to enhance their information. They then presented their products to the class using the projection system and interactive whiteboard. In the photo, Colby gives his presentation on Lasik eye surgery.

We all learned a lot about the visually and hearing impaired through this project, and we also learned a lot about the Macbooks and our exciting new software packages!

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