Monday, June 23, 2008

Beyond Google

I've you're like me, you have a Google toolbar installed on your computer and use it exclusively when you want to search the Internet. But did you know that Google only searches about half of the searchable Web? According to the "techman," Ced Kurtz, in yesterday's Post Gazette, sometimes you may get better results by using a specialized search engine or one that displays results in a more organized format.

Clusty, for example, organizes hits into categories and is useful when searching a term with multiple meanings. Dogpile is another metasearch engine. (It doesn't build its own database but searches those of other search engines, including Google's.) Dogpile has fairly wide access to a multiple databases.

There are many, many specialized search engines for use when looking for particular kinds of information. Visit for a list of 12,500+ search engines. And don't forget Google Scholar when you're doing serious research. It broadly searches scholarly literature.

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