Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look at LookyBook!

I've really been negligent with my blogging recently, as you can tell by the two-month span between my last post and this one. Chalk it up to a very busy May (tech literacy assessment testing, meetings, grant reports, baseball games, and the usual end-of-year stuff) and an early June vacation to Florida!

I came across as I was catching up on two weeks' worth of blog posts on my Google Reader account. LookyBook allows students, parents, and teachers to read, review, share, and purchase picture books online. These books might be viewed in a classroom using a projector; the entire class could enjoy the book at the same time! LookyBook was chosen by Time magazine as one of the 50 best web sites of 2008. Find out more about LookyBook.

I read about LookyBook on the iLearn Technology blog; the author regularly introduces new educational web sites and gives ideas on using them in the classroom. Elementary teachers, this is a great blog to subscribe to and read often! (Just cancel the Twitter authentification box that may pop up when you visit the site.)

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  1. Hi! This is Kelly Tenkely of iLearn Technology, thanks for the shout out! I am not sure why the twitter popup is happening...working on fixing that little glitch :)


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