Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Are We Preparing Our Students for Future Jobs?

WTAE Channel 4 in Pittsburgh ran a story yesterday about the changes the job market has undergone in Western Pennsylvania over the past several years. Thousands of jobs are available in the technology and health fields and many more will be open in the future, but officials are concerned that there are not enough qualified applicants in the region. One idea is to convince local school districts to change their curricula to better meet the needs of the technology-driven economy.

Job creators say a region void of technology-rich curriculums at grade-school levels is a region incapable of luring new businesses. Either put the children in the pipeline or watch job growth projections fade away for the region."To help them implement into their curriculum lesson plans and activities to help them become aware," said Tim Aldinger, youth program officer at the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board.Without that effort, regional residents are left behind and new bodies migrate to fill the gaps -- whatever it takes to keep the technology renaissance.
Are we doing enough to prepare our students for these high-tech jobs? Read the entire story and see what you think.


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