Monday, August 18, 2008

CFF Update for School Board

Tonight I presented an update to the Keystone Board of Education on our "Classrooms for the Future" project. In light of our tight budget, I was happy to announce that we had been funded for an additional $45,413 for the new school year. This will allow us to equip eight additional classrooms with projectors, interactive whiteboards, teacher Macbooks, printers, wireless access points, and speakers.

We will also receive $30,000 more to support a coaching position. The coach is critical to the success of this project. Sharon Geary, our coach, supports the CFF teachers as they learn new software, develop new lessons, and solve technical issues. She also must facilitate the required online courses. This year she will be responsible for 15 teachers!

Below is the slideshow that I presented to the Board. I just noticed an error, of course! Year 1 should be 2006-07.

Cff Board Update 8 08
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