Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wordle is Wonderful!

I love sitting on the back porch with Rusty, our cockapoo, and my laptop and exploring new web sites and online tools. (Ahhh, summer!) While looking over my bookmarks, I came across Wordle again. This web site allows you to type words, copy and paste text, or enter the URL for your blog or tags. It then takes prominent words and makes clouds from them. Wordle allows you to change languages, fonts, colors, and layout. It also gives you code to embed into your blog or wiki. I didn't see any way to "save picture as," but it allows you to take a screenshot as long as you attribute it to Wordle. Paste the screenshot into Word, crop and resize if needed, print in color, and voila . . . art for your classroom!

I typed in the web site address for this blog, and came up with the word cloud above. I think it's cool that the word "students" appears in the foreground. Isn't that what this education business is all about?

A Wordle cloud is a fun way to introduce new vocabulary words, the names of students in your class, cities in a state, states or territories in a country . . . what ideas can you come up with for using Wordle in your classroom? Click "Comments" below and share!

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