Sunday, September 7, 2008


Jennifer Dorman wrote about Citebite on the DEN--Pennsylvania blog. Citebite allows you not only to list a URL of a web site that you are recommending, but also allows you to highlight text on the site that you want the reader to see.

To use CiteBite:
1. Navigate to a web site you want others to view.
2. Copy the URL. Remember, that's the web site address at the top of your browser when you're on the Internet. (Edit--copy)
3. Go to the CiteBite web site.
4. Paste the URL in the "Source URL" field. (Edit--paste)
5. Go back to the web site you want to share.
6. Highlight the text you want others to read.
7. Copy the text.
8. Go back and paste it in CiteBite in the "Quote" section of the form.
9. Click "Make Citebite."
10. Then just highlight and copy the link generated and paste it into your hotlist.

Here's a "CiteBite" that I created that links to a recent post on this blog:

Did you notice the highlighted text? Pretty slick, isn't it? So how is this useful in your classroom? Let's say you're creating a hotlist of web sites you want your students to use for research. With Citebite, you not only
can give them the links or web site addresses, but you can also highlight the text on the web sites that you want them to read!

I think CiteBite would be particularly useful for younger students who might be overwhelmed by too much information on a web page or who have not yet developed the ability the skim. CiteBite can also be helpful for those older students who are lower-level readers or who just refuse to read. And yes, it will help those capable students who just sit and scroll and scroll and scroll and say, "I can't find anything!" (If you've assigned Internet research projects, I'll bet you've seen some of those students in action!)

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