Monday, November 17, 2008

Technology Update

Several teachers who have used Blogger to create class web sites have expressed concern about finding time to keep them updated. I'm right there with them! Although I have good intentions about updating this tech blog, other things seem to take priority.

We do have many exciting things going on in our tech integration program each and every day. For example:

  • Catherine Schoeppner's 4th grade class is preparing for their "Where in PA?" webinar that is scheduled for this Friday. The students have researched our community and have created clues that will help other students from across the state figure out where we're located. The kids in Room 204 are very excited and have some very creative ideas for presenting their clues! I'll will write more about this great project after Friday. Wish us luck!
  • The Year 2 "Classrooms for the Future" teachers will participate in their Apple "out-of-the-box" training this Wednesday and Thursday. They will be joined by CFF teachers from A-C Valley and perhaps one other district. Apple is sending trainer extraordinaire Eric Erb back to Keystone. We learned so much about our Macbooks from him last year.
  • The projectors for the Year 2 classrooms will be installed by Wespen A-V on Dec. 2. These projectors will be ceiling-mounted. The Polyvision boards and other equipment were installed late in October. However, one of the whiteboards arrived damaged, and we're still awaiting a replacement board from Polyvision.
  • Our Year 1 CFF equipment is well used, as our teachers and students continue to learn new ways to integrate the technology to promote student achievement.
  • The KSD Education Foundation received about 10 applications for teacher mini-grants by the November 7 deadline. Award announcements will be made later this year. Good luck to all that applied. There were many excellent technology integration projects proposed that will benefit our students!

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