Friday, November 21, 2008

"Where in PA?" Webinar a HUGE Success!

We pulled it off! Kate Schoeppner's 4th graders did an outstanding job representing Keystone Elementary in the "Where in PA?" webinar, which was coordinated by the Chester County Intermediate Unit.

Five 4th grade classrooms from across the state participated in today's webinar. In preparation for the big day, the students researched their own communities and prepared slideshows of clues (history, geography, famous citizens, etc.) to help the other schools guess the names of their towns or cities.

Today, we connected to the other classrooms using the Internet and Elluminate Web conferencing software. Each school gave a 1-minute introduction and then had five minutes to present their clues using both their slideshows and live video of students performing skits or reciting information about their locations. Students took notes while the other schools gave their clues.

Next, the students had 30 minutes to use their notes to pinpoint the locations of the other schools. Mrs. Schoeppner's students used their best Internet research skills and our wireless laptops to come up with educated guesses "where in PA" the other students could be found.

Each school was then permitted to ask one question of each of the other groups to narrow down their guesses. Finally, we had the "big reveal," when our students dressed in their yellow "Keystone Elementary" t-shirts and sang our school song. We had guessed correctly on the locations of three of the four other schools--Pittsburgh, Bradford, and Kennett Square. The students from Wernerville in Berks County stumped all of the other students!

What a fantastic learning experience this was for our students! They developed research and note-taking as well as technology skills as they prepared for and participated in the webinar. And they learned more about their community and their state as well.

Kudos to Mrs. Schoeppner for giving her students this "21st Century" educational experience. Her goal for the school year is to integrate more technology into her curriculum, and she certainly did so in a big way! Thanks to Mrs. Cozad, who served as our official photographer, as well as to Mrs. Corcetti, Mrs. Steele, Miss Tracy, and Mrs. Lewis for all of their help.


  1. I loved that video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mrs. Schoeppner's ClassDecember 4, 2008 at 11:14 AM

    We would like to thank Mrs. Witkowski. Kudos to you as well! We could not have done this without your help, and never would have known about it if you had not alerted us in the first place. It was a great experience, so to you, we say thanks!


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