Tuesday, February 10, 2009

iPod Touch/iPhone Revolution

iPod Touch/iPhone Revolution--Workshop Notes

Dr. Chris Penny
Associate Professor
West Chester University
Apple Distinguished Educator

iPod Commercial—British kid made and put it on YouTube.

iPod Touch. Is portable media player and Wi-Fi mobile platform.

2nd Generation, released in Sept. 08, added external speakers and Nike+

Touch is more powerful than iPhone.

iPhone has all of Touch features plus
o Cellular access
o Built-in microphone (Omission that affects classroom use. Buy an external mike)
o Camera
o Bluetooth

“Do So Much with an iPod Touch” Tony Vincent—“Learning in Hand”
Can buy 3-4 Touches for price of one laptop.

Apple Learning Interchange
Check for lesson plans and other educational content.

Apps for iPod Touch and iPhone
Several included on Touch or iPhone. Get others from iTunes Store! Free or inexpensive.

1. Flashcards
Students create and load on iPods; can exchange them and learn from each other.
Create PP or Keynote slides. Question on one, answer on next. Save as jpgs. Save as photo album in iPhoto. Sync to iPod. Roll through flash cards.
Ex: What Planet is this?

2. iFlipper—app to make flashcards—keeps track of mastery

3. Lesson Planning
Plan book is a “living document”
Makes plans portable and easy to access
Use calendar app, sync
Set up “homework” calendar, send to “cloud” like MobileMe, students can subscribe and get updates

4. Financial Literacy
Use stocks app built-in on Touch to watch trends

5. Crunching Numbers
Calculator—turn sideways for graphing calculator!

6. For Healthy Geeks
Nike+ for Touch
Track speed and distance; calories burned
Sync—gets sent to Nike+ web site to track progress
Can have virtual runs with friends!
Great for phys. ed classes

3rd Party Applications
1440 educational apps on iTunes as of today
Check out review sites . . . can’t be sure who’s creating the apps or their quality
Can put 7 screens X 16 apps + 4 bar = 148 apps on your screen

1. Recording audio
Griffin iTalk Recorder—FREE for lite version
Capture interviews; podcast from Touch
Mono, not stereo; can choose quality
Can append your recording if you get interrupted
Can turn off screen when recording to save battery
Exports as .iff file. Syncs to desktop of computer with iTalk Sync app. (Multi-platform)

Apple Learning Interchange has review on microphones to use with Touch.

Apple selling Bretford carts with 20 iPod Touches for $1300. Will sync to one computer. Can even sync paid apps to more than one computer. Should have individual licenses, though. Buy app once for each cart.

2. Blanks
Word puzzles for vocab practice
Keeps track of scores

3. Remote—99 cents
Control your Keynote presentation with Touch over wi-fi
Animations are there

4. Stanza--FREE
Book reader like Kindle

5. Tweetie
Best app for Twitter

6. Evernote
Desktop app for Windows and Mac
Keeps notes for you and syncs with your computer

7. Voicenotes
Record notes to yourself
Need an external microphone with the Touch

8. Air Sharing—FREE
Use iPod for storage; drag and drop files from your computer

9. Match
Match game for little folks!

10. World Wiki
Info on countries

11. Pop Math—FREE lite version
Math practice for elementary students
Has ads across the bottom

12. Star Wars--$2.99
Award winner
Uses GPS to show night sky from where you are.

13. Word Magic
Shows you a picture; you spell the word that goes with it.
Earn stickers! ☺

14. Animoto
Makes music video from pictures on your Touch.

15. Tasks
Syncs tasks with iGoogle account.

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