Friday, April 24, 2009

"Fleshing the Bones" Part II

Students held their pictures in front of the camera of the videoconferencing unit, and the video was sent across the Internet to be viewed across the state! Jason from the Academy of Natural Sciences is shown on the screen to the right.

Keystone junior high art students participated in the second part of the "Fleshing the Bones: The Art and Science of Drawing Dinosaurs" videoconference yesterday. The first part of the videoconference, presented by Magpi and the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences three weeks ago, introduced students to the concept of drawing dinosaurs based on skeletons and other clues. Students were given the assignment of completing the skull sketch that they started during the first session to present to other participants during the second meeting. See the K20 Inter@ctions blog for detailed info on the project.

Our students spent a whole day recently with art teacher Fred Carrow while he guided them through the sketching and painting of their dinosaur skulls. Using web sites and pictures from professional artists as their guides, they learned about shadowing and other art techniques as they finished sketching and then applied water colors (tempera paints) to their creations.

During yesterday's videoconference, each student artist from the seven participating schools in PA and New Jersey had an opportunity to share his finished masterpiece. The students simply held their papers up to the camera attached to the video conferencing equipment for viewing across the state! Jason from the Academy of Natural Sciences commented on their work and questioned their choice of colors, their biggest challenges, and the animals that influenced their drawings.

We have some very talented artists at Keystone as evidenced by their creations pictured below! Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them.


  1. The pics are great. Keep up the good work Keystone.

  2. The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and learn a lot in the process...hmmm...imagine that!?! -Mrs. Clark

  3. I really loved this program. It was something I have never done before. I have to say the hardest part was the scales and the color. The scales take so much detail and time and the color takes a lot of precision. I think the best part was drawing it because that is when it starts to come to life and be like a real dinosaur. The videoconference format was really cool because we could compare our drawings with other schools. I learned a lot with this experience about dinosaurs and their features. It was really fun being able to express myself through the eyes of my dinosaur. Using tempera paint to finish it off was also a new experience to be because now I know what to do for future projects that may come up. Our art teacher made this experience really fun by letting us skip a whole day of class to just draw and paint. I hope I will have to chance to do this again someday. This has also helped me to become a better drawer and painter.


  4. I enjoyed participating in the videoconference. Seeing other schools and their projects was cool. I liked how they could see our paintings and us too. The hardest part was taking the time and getting everything right. It helped that Mr. Carrow had us come all day and worked on them, he encouraged us to put a lot of time and effort in our paintings. I enjoyed doing this and it was very fun. I learned a lot about how the bones of a dinosaur tell us a lot about what they might have looked like. We also used lots of inspiration to guess what the outside of the dinosaurs looked like, mostly they were pictures of reptiles and scales. The videoconference was a fun experience and I would want to do it again.

    Marina Wilson :)

  5. I enjoyed fleshing the bones on my dinosaur. It was very fun and let us use our own view of what the dinosaur would look like. I just looked at a few pictures of reptiles and other dinosaurs to get inspiration. Some parts were hard but others were very easy to sketch and paint. I learned about the dinosaur’s features and what you can add to it to make it your own. I thought the videoconference was very cool and I loved seeing the other schools drawing and how they thought the dinosaur looked. We all used different influences and they all turned out different. The hardest part was choosing the colors and making the dinosaur look like a dinosaur. I loved doing this project and would love to do it again.


  6. I enjoyed the videoconference. I liked learning about different things you can draw and I liked learning about colors the most. Although I did not like the painting as much, I kept getting frustrated. But I still enjoyed the whole thing and learning a lot about colors and watercolor paints. I was very glad to get to experiment with some things that I will be able to use throughout the course of my lifetime. Also, I used lizards and komodo dragons for some of the inspiration for my dinosaur. And I liked the format of a videoconference because you got to see other kids and their drawings from around the country and that was really cool. But I do wish that we had more time to really grasp everything he was showing and telling us. He was very good and it was fun to see someone different who can kind of open our eyes to some new possibilities. I enjoyed it very much and hope to do it again sometime.


  7. The dinosaur videoconference was a great experience. The hardest part was painting the dinosaur head. It was hard to think of what colors would go well and would look the best for a dinosaur. The part I enjoyed the most was sketching the dinosaur skull and head. I loved taking a day to draw and paint the dinosaur. Mr.Carrow taught us a lot of things that are useful for drawing and painting. It was cool how we showed our paintings to other schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I used a Dinosaur Encyclopedia as a reference to different types and colors of dinosaurs. I also found pictures on the Internet of dinosaurs and iguanas. I learned lots of things about dinosaur muscles and bones. I learned that some dinosaurs have hollow bones like birds today.


  8. I had a lot of fun with this videoconference. I have never done anything like it before. I also learned a lot about that type of dinosaur. The hardest part about the project was getting the right color combinations. It is not very easy to get the same color twice. The best part was getting to spend a whole day in the art room working on just our paintings. I never realized how much detail went into just finding out what its head feature look like. The best parts about the conference itself was being able to see what you were doing and be able to talk to you. I hope that we will be able to do another one of your conferences.


  9. I really enjoyed this project! My favorite part was showing the other schools what we had made. I thought the video conferencing was really neat! I liked being able to see other peoples art work. The hardest part of the dinosaur was shading with the paints and knowing what colors to use. I learned that there are a lot of good artists out there so I hope I can pursue my career and become one too. I loved this project and I hope we can have it again next year.


  10. I enjoyed the videoconference very much it was fun to see what other schools can do and how a professional would take it. It was really cool that we were able to do what ever we wanted with are dinosaur because it was are own. The hardest part was fleshing the skin and scales from just looking at the bones. I learned a lot from this! I improved my drawling and painting skills. I got to see how other people interpret things just by looking at one picture. It was a great experience and I hope that I can do something like it next year.

  11. I think the hardest part about this project was figuring out what I was drawing and to make it actually look like a dinosaur. I enjoyed every part of this project. But most of all I liked experimenting with the watercolor paint. I also liked when we got the whole school day off just to paint our dinosaurs. I actually learned a lot about dinosaurs through the pictures I found on the Internet, from the videoconference, and by painting. I think I improved my painting and drawing skills a lot! My inspirations came from my friend’s sketches. Everyone’s paintings and sketches were so unique and different. I really enjoyed the videoconference. It was fun to interact with other schools and show other students your paintings or sketches. I have to say it was a really exciting experience and I would definitely do it again.


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