Friday, April 3, 2009

Keystone Kids Collaborate!

Keystone Elementary students had a great time collaborating with their neighbors from Clarion Area Elementary School!

Erin Zacherl's kindergarten students completed an "April Fool's Pranks" project with Traci Blazosky's first graders from Clarion. Each Keystone student was partnered with a Clarion student. Then they came up with a prank that they would like to play on each other and drew pictures describing their jokes. Their teachers uploaded the pictures to Voicethread and recorded the students talking about their pranks. Finally, the students "met" their partners via Skype and the Internet. Visit Mrs. Zacherl's classroom web site to see the Voicethreads from Mrs. Blazosky's and Mrs. Zacherl's students. What great fun!

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