Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are MIni-Notebooks a Cost-Efficient Option?

We recently purchased four HP Mini 2140 Notebook PCs to pilot for possible use with our elementary students. These laptops have a 10.1" diagonal widescreen display and weigh only a little over 2.5 lbs. The keyboards, however, are just a little smaller than a standard laptop keyboard. The computers include a built-in web cam.

Although these notebooks ship with Windows Vista Home, we opted to load the Windows XP Pro operating system. We are connecting them wirelessly to our Active Directory network with an Apple Airport Xtreme Base Station.

The notebooks have been living in Kate Schoeppner's fourth grade classroom for the past couple of weeks. I asked her to turn her students loose on them, and the kids have used these laptops for writing activities as well as for Internet research.

Kate plans to have her students voice their opinions on these smaller, less expensive laptops. (Our students have been using standard-sized laptops for several years.) They will add their comments to this blog entry as they get time. To read what they have to say, click on "Comments" at the end of this post. Those of you who get these updates by email or RSS feed will have to click on the title of the post, which will take you to the actual blog, to see the comments section.

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