Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dance Like No One's Watching

I'm sitting on my back porch this evening with my computer as I often do in the summer. You know how it goes . . . one click leads to another and soon an hour has gone by. (I'm supposed to be creating a Google Site for my CFF class!)

I came across a blog called Blogush, written by Paul Bogush, an 8th grade social studies teacher in Connecticut. I immediately started skimming through the blog and then added it to my Google Reader. (Yes, someone near and dear to me is also an 8th grade social studies teacher, and he just loves it when I find this stuff for him. No pressure, Dear!)

I was especially intrigued by Paul's post entitled . . . dance like no one's watching. It's really hard for us teachers to give up control of assignments and assessments, but it sounds like Paul meshes well the traditional and student-centered assignments.

Are you ready to dance this school year?

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  1. Tell that person near and dear to you that it takes two to dance, and I am always looking for new dance partners ;)


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