Monday, January 11, 2010

KES Students Show off Smartboard Smarts!

Owen, Austin, Ceayra, Brett, and Logan

Students of Keystone Elementary kindergarten teacher Vicky Campbell and first grade teachers Suzanne Buckley and Erin Zacherl demonstrated how they use their Smartboards in their daily lessons at a School Board meeting tonight.

Brett, from Mrs. Campbell's class, showed Board members how he practices writing newly learned letters as well as how his class uses its Smartboard for the "morning message." Brett also challenged KES principal Shawn Corcetti to a matching game from the web site.

First graders from Mrs. Buckley's class, Owen, Austin, and Logan, demonstrated how to access their classroom blog. They also showed one of their favorite educational games, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," as well as how they use the Smartboard in their math lessons.

Ceayra, from Mrs. Zacherl's first grade classroom, matched words with their pictures by completing the spellings of the words. She then showed how she could uncover the correct answers and self-check her work.

The students obviously are engaged in their learning and are very comfortable using the Smartboards. And the teachers say they don't know how they taught without them! The Smartboards in these three classrooms were purchased with funding from Keystone Education Foundation grants written by the teachers.

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