Friday, February 12, 2010

What Do Snowmen Do at Night?

Second graders in Mrs. Brandi Fisher's class recently participated in a "Snowmen at Night" video conference after reading a book by the same name. The students worked in groups to develop three clues describing an activity that a snowman might do after dark. These Keystone Elementary students then shared their clues with a 2nd grade class from a Catholic school in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada, using our video conferencing equipment.

The students from Canada also gave clues that they had written, and all of the children had fun guessing what the snowmen are up to while we are sleeping. The kids also showed each other the snowman pictures they had drawn.

The Keystone students located Lloydminster on a map and compared the location to Vancouver, the site of the 2010 Olympics. What fun!

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