Friday, March 12, 2010

First Graders Share "Snowmen at Night"

Mrs. Zacherl's students listen intently to the New York students' clues.
Students from Farmington, NY, share their artwork with KES students.

It took three tries, but first graders in Erin Zacherl's classroom finally connected with their peers from Farmington, NY, about an hour outside New York City. The first two attempts were cancelled due to snow days at both schools.

The students first read the book, Snowmen at Night, and then formed groups to develop three clues about what snowmen really do at night! Next they drew pictures to illustrate their clues and then shared both with kids from the other school via video conferencing equipment. The students had a great time guessing what the snowmen were doing based on the clues.

Before disconnecting, the students asked each other questions about where they live, their schools, and other topics of interest to them. It was quite a learning experience for all of the children as they compared life in a rural area with that in a more suburban setting.
After the video conference, Mrs. Zacherl's students reflected on the experience on their "Blossoming Bloggers Club" blog.

The activity was such a success that the teachers decided to collaborate on another project later in the school year!

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