Friday, March 5, 2010

Seventh Grade English Students Design "Ideal Schools"

John, a junior, taught the students to use Google Sketchup.

Students presented their completed projects to the class.

Kelsi Wilcox's 7th Grade English students recently applied the highest level of Bloom's Taxonomy--creating--to complete their "Ideal Schools" project. The students will soon begin to read the novel, The Giver, in their Reading classes. In preparation for this novel, they wrote a narrative about "A Day in the Life of My Utopia." In the narratives, many students briefly discussed their school systems. To further develop this idea, they chose groups and began to brainstorm what "ideal" schools would look like. The students then used word processing software to write individual essays describing their schools.

Then, working in groups with laptops and free Google applications, the students began to put their ideas to work. John, a junior, demonstrated the Google Sketchup program that he used in Industrial Arts as part of their trailer project. The 7th graders then used the program to design blueprints for their schools. Some groups designed and labeled blueprints for several different floors.

Students used Google Sites to design their schools' web sites and embedded Google Calendars that documented their school-year events. Their web sites also included mission and vision statements and reflected their school colors and logo. Students used an online photo-editing tool to resize their logos. They also used Excel spreadsheets to design sample student schedules. Finally, each group presented their completed projects to their classmates using the Smartboard.

A sampling of the students' school web sites are linked below.

Purple Warriors - Haley, Alex S., Alex K.

Tuscular Toucans - Timmy, Camie, Austin, Bryce

Beachfront Academy - Molly, Jessica, Abbygail

Oceanblue Academy - Madison, McKenna, Olivia, Morgan

Paradise Spiffys - Nikki, Eva, Hannah, Katelyn

Beachfront Private - Jillian, Zoe, Brandon, Russell

Sports Field High - Brady, Josh, Kevin

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