Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keystone Teachers (and Students) Shine at Educational Leadership Conference

The Keystone School District was well represented at the Riverview IU 6 Educational Leadership Conference held today at Clarion University. Seven Keystone teachers offered three different sessions on how we use technology at Keystone as a teaching and learning tool.

First grade teachers Suzanne Buckley and Erin Zacherl presented "First Grade is Flat! How to Use the Web to Make the World Your Audience!" They highlighted the benefits to their students of collaborating with peers through blogging and videoconferencing. They also discussed how the writing process becomes more meaningful to their students when their work is published on the Web and shared with an authentic audience.

KHS English teachers Barbara Beggs' and Sandi McElravy's presentation, "Technology in the English Classroom," focused on how they integrate technology into their everyday teaching. They also shared samples of student-created products, including podcasts, wiki pages, Glogster glogs, brochures, and Keynotes that demonstrated learning as a result of research.

CFF Coach Sharon Geary and English teacher Kelsi Wilcox joined me in sharing "All Things Google." We outlined the free Google applications we use in the District, including Google Calendar, Google Sketchup, Google Sites, Blogger, Google Docs, Google Reader, and iGoogle. We took the opportunity to show off our teachers' class web sites, blogs, and more! Kelsi also discussed her 7th grade Ideal School project and described how her students used several of the Google tools to complete their assignments.

I planned to post pictures of our teachers presenting. I took a camera. I just forgot to take the pictures!

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