Monday, May 3, 2010

"Where in Pennsylvania" are We?

Kate Schoeppner's 4th graders at Keystone Elementary School recently participated with four other schools from across the state in the "Where in PA" webinar facilitated by the Chester County Intermediate Unit.

The Keystone students first worked in groups to learn all about the Clarion County area from books and through Internet research. Next each group prepared PowerPoint slides to give clues about our region. After pulling together their research via a creative skit, the students practiced and prepared to share their information with the four other schools.

"Show time" finally arrived, and we connected with the other participants using Elluminate software and video streams. The webinar started with creative introductions by each school. Then each group shared its prepared clues while the other schools practiced their note-taking skills. Next, we were given 25 minutes to use our clues, laptops, and the Internet to guess where the other schools were located.

Then we asked each school one question to help us narrow down our guesses. Last, every school performed a "great reveal" to disclose their locations.

Our Keystone students did a wonderful job with their research, slide and skit preparation, and note taking. They had a great time during the webinar, also!

Enjoy this Quicktime video of pictures taken during the webinar. (If you are receiving blog updates by email subscription, you may need to visit the blog to see the video.)


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