Monday, November 1, 2010

Dropbox Makes File Access Easy

Do you use a flash drive to carry documents and other files to school from your home computer? Or do you email tests and quizzes to school from your home account? If so, you should take a look at!

Dropbox allows you to save files in the "cloud" (on the Internet) for access from any computer. I've been using Dropbox for over a month, and I love it! Dropbox is also a handy backup solution. If your computer crashes, your files are safe since they are saved on Dropbox's servers.

Dropbox gives you 2 GB of storage space for free. However, they will increase your storage by 250 MB (up to 8 GB) for every person you refer to their service. So, if you create a Dropbox account using the following link, both my account AND yours will increase by 250 MB! You will begin with 2.25 GB instead of 2 GB.

So how does Dropbox work? Once you create your account, you download the software on your computer. Dropbox adds a folder in "My Documents" on a Windows machine or in Finder on a Mac. You just save as you normally would, choosing your Dropbox folder as your location.

But what if you're working in a lab or on someone else's computer and need a saved file? Easy! Just go to and log in. You can access and download your file from any computer with Internet access.

If you need help setting up your Dropbox account, let me know. I think you will love Dropbox as much as I do!

Saving to Dropbox on a Mac

Saving to Dropbox on a PC

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