Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Video Buffering Driving You Nuts?

Buffering . . . that pause you get in the middle of a YouTube or other online video while it's loading. That rotating circle that makes you and your students sit and wait. And just when the video gets interesting . . . it stops and buffers again!

So try this the next time you want to show a streaming video:
1.  A minute or two before you're ready to start the video (while you're introducing it, taking attendance, etc.) press Play. Then immediately pause the video.

The video will continue to load, even though it isn't playing. The red line at the bottom of the video shows your place. The gray line indicates how far it's loaded.
2.   Let the gray line get well ahead of the red line. Then press Play and watch the video (hopefully) uninterrupted by buffering!

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