Monday, November 26, 2012

Stay Organized and Remember Everything

I watched a SimpleK12 webinar on Evernote presented by Nick Provenzano, a high school English teacher. (@thenerdyteacher on Twitter; blogs at Evernote is free software that helps you "remember everything." See a 50-second video to learn how Evernote works:

Provenzano discussed how he uses Evernote for lesson planning and for sharing information with his students. His students also have Evernote accounts that they can access through classroom iPads. Following are my notes from the webinar.

  • is platform neutral
  • apps for mobile devices:  iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows
  • desktop apps for both Macs and PCs
  • can also access files at
  • can always access files as long as you have Internet access
Free and paid versions are available. The "premium" version is $50/year and gives the following options:
  • more uploading space per month (1 GB vs. 60 MB)
  • larger notes (maximum 50 MB vs. 25 MB/note)
  • editable shared notes
  • can search within scanned pdf files
  • can download notebooks to your device for access without Internet connection
  • no promotions or ads
Key features of Evernote:
  • syncs among all of your devices
  • note can include text, images, handwritten notes, audio, videos, etc.
  • can create notebooks to organize your notes; basic storage unit
  • can share individual notes or notebooks
  • can "tag" or add keywords for easier searching
  • can search within notes
For lesson planning:
  • uses instead of plan book
  • can organize and share notes, documents, etc.
  • easy to change, update, and make comments for next year
  • keeps separate notebook for each subject area he teaches
  • can upload already-created documents to a note; no longer have to dig through your filing cabinet to find handouts
For sharing:
  • can create public links to share notes on Web
  • collaboration among students; one creates notebook and shares with others
  • students create and share with teacher for evaluation
  • teacher can leave audio or written comments
  • No more carrying boxes of folders home for grading!
Evernote's partners:
  • Skitch--free software/app that allows annotating of pictures, screenshots, etc.; autosaves in Evernote
  • iPEVO document cameras (only $69 or $89 each)--capture images and send to Evernote
  • Boogie Board Rip ( handwritten digital notes and send to Evernote
  • Livescribe pen--records pen strokes and audio; share in Evernote and students can replay as needed

Book by Provenzano:  The Beginner's Guide to Evernote on the iPad ($1.99 for the iPad from iTunes)

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