Sunday, March 3, 2013

Links of Interest 3.3.13

Technology Skills Every Teacher Needs, by Doug Johnson
What technology skills do all teachers need? Although educators have asked this basic question for years, we still do not have a definitive answer. 

I Need a Pencil
I Need A Pencil is a free SAT preparation service provided by the CK-12 Foundation. The service provides students with 60 lessons and more than 800 SAT practice problems in math, writing, and critical reading. The lessons are based on questions that students typically encounter on the SAT.

100 Educational iOS Apps
One hundred iPad and iPhone apps recommended for teachers and students.

Matchmatics is an iPad app that presents mathematics puzzles in the form of matchsticks laid out on a canvas. The challenge of Matchmatics is to move one matchstick to make an incorrect equation correct. Lite version is free; $0.99 for full version

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