Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Links of Interest 4.2.13

iClassroom iManagement
Tips for managing an iPad classroom.

25 Apps to Support Reading and Writing for Struggling Students
The blog entry discusses five apps. To see the full list of 25, click here.

62 Interesting Ways to Integrate iPad into Your Classroom

Numberphile--A Really, Really Cool Website For Students Who Think They Hate Math
. . . "While the site is simple a crudely interactive graphic with links to videos, it has, in one fell swoop, creatively curated some of the most compelling and engaging “problems” in mathematics. From Benford’s Law to French Numbers, to whether or not zero is an even number, it frames the content area of math–which is often riddled with rote practice of very traditional arithmetic and formulas–in a problem-based learning kind of approach." Read more about Numberphile on the Teach Thought blog.

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