Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Give Evernote a Try!

Have you taken the time to look at Evernote yet?  Evernote is a free service (Mac or PC) with Web, client, and mobile versions that helps you "remember everything." All of these versions automatically sync.  I can access, create, and update my Evernote notes on my school computers, my personal computer, my school iPad, my personal iPad, and my iPhone!  I first wrote about Evernote here.

I've been using Evernote for the past several months and am starting to amass a collection of notes. I still have to remind myself to use it, though! Read how one person learned to love Evernote after he started using it for everything.
For years, I kept hearing how awesome Evernote was: how it could store everything you possibly needed, make it available everywhere, and how scores of people couldn't live without it. I tried it multiple times, and never saw the appeal until now. Here's what I was missing.
High school English teacher Nick Provenzano conducted "The Epic Evernote Experiment" in his classes during the past school year. He used Evernote for his plan book and also shared resources with his students and collected their assignments via Evernote. He reflects on this experiment in his "Wrapping Up the Epic Evernote Experiment" blog entry.

Interested in learning more about Evernote? Check out my training resources.

Already an Evernote fan? Please tell us how YOU use Evernote!

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