Sunday, July 21, 2013

Classroom Design, Math, Writing, and Finding Digital Tools

It's time once again for a little free summer professional development!

Have you considered using Google Docs when you schedule parent meetings on conference day? Matt Gomez explains how he does it. Be sure to read the comments for additional suggestions.

I know several of you have already spent a few steamy days at school preparing your classrooms for the upcoming school year. If you'd like to change up your room configuration but need new ideas, Erin Klein has some inspiration for you.

Bedtime Math has fun math activities for elementary and middle school students. Read more about Bedtime Math on the Free Technology for Teachers blog.

Plus Magazine is a free e-magazine for those who love math. Its byline is "living mathematics." Check out the puzzles!

Take a look at Andrea Hernandez's blog post entitled Writing Quality and Practice. She encourages teachers to allow students to publish their writing, perhaps through blogging. This certainly supports the PA Common Core Standards for English and Language Arts:  CC 1.4.K through CC 1.4.11-12 Technology and Publication.

Graphite is a new digital tool evaluation site that helps teachers find the best online resources for classroom learning. Read more about Graphite on the Common Core & Ed. Tech blog.

The Technology Tidbits blog has compiled a list of the Top 50 Math Sites and Apps.

Keystone teachers . . . Don't forget that you have a list of Smartboard resources in your Tech Training folder in Google Docs!

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