Sunday, July 7, 2013

Storytelling, Math, and Some Good Advice to Ponder!


It's time again to share some of the resources I've saved in my RSS feed. (In case you're wondering, I'm using Feedly to replace Google Reader, which went away on July 1. )

K-12 math teachers will want to check out the Inside Mathematics web site, a professional community for math teachers and administrators. The Noyce Foundation created InsideMathematics "to help educators transform their math practices and to help students achieve better understanding of the meaning behind the math." Read more about the site and watch a 6-minute introductory video on the Common Core & Ed. Tech blog. (Actually, the Inside Mathematics web site is down as I write this. I hope it's fixed by the time you try to access it!)

TouchCast is a free iPad app that allows you to include Twitter feeds, videos, polls, and more when recording videos and then just touch the screen to launch them. Watch this video to see how TouchCast works.

UtellStory is a new web site for storytelling. The free version allows you to embed photos, text slides, and video. The site does require you to create an account, but a class account would probably work for younger students. Of course, for $50/year you can subscribe to an educator's account and then create and manage student accounts. Read more about UtellStory and see an example on the Common Core & Ed Tech blog.

Did you know that Google offers a free middle school curriculum on digital literacy and citizenship? The lesson plans can be saved to your Google Drive for future reference. All of us need to reinforce these concepts with both our own children and our students to keep them safe in our digital world!

How do you "Google-proof" assignments to reduce the possibility of student plagiarism? Doug Johnson of The Blue Skunk Blog says to make your assignments "personal."

Learn how a first-grade teacher uses student blogs for both formative and summative assessments, as well as for digital portfolios.

We can all learn from the 15 Grammar Goofs that Clobber Your Credibility!

A principal from a 1:1 iPad high school reminds us that it's not about the apps.

MindMup is a free online mind-mapping tool similar to Inspiration and Kidspiration that allows students to show connections. Maps can be saved to Google Drive or to your desktop or published online. Students do not need to create accounts to use MindMup. Read more about this tool on the Free Technology for Teachers blog.

Free Tiiu Pix is a web site maintained by a retired teacher that offers high-resolution pictures for use in student presentations without the worry of copyright infringement.

And that's all she wrote . . . for now!

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