Monday, September 16, 2013

Autumn, Nature, and Student Writing

Example Posts from a Kindergarten Class Blog
So you've painstakingly created an attractive class web site or blog. Now, what can you post that parents will find interesting and helpful? A kindergarten teacher shows examples of what he and his students post on their blog.

Autumn Magic--The Colors of Fall
The Free Technology for Teachers blog shares several resources for teaching about leaves and why they change colors in the fall.

Into the Outdoors
Into the Outdoors is a new site featuring videos and lesson plans about a wide variety of topics related to nature. The site is divided into six main topic areas; life science, farm science, social science, physical science, environmental science, and natural resources science. Read more about this site on the Free Technology for Teachers blog.

Are Digital Technologies Hurting Student Writing?
Andrea Lunsford conducted one of the most important studies on the impact of digital writing by comparing student samples from 1917 through 2006.

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