Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nonfiction, Math, and Google Apps

Newsela--Teach Nonfiction with the Daily News
Thanks to Kelsi B. for sharing this great resource!  Newsela has Common Core-aligned nonfiction daily news articles for use in your classroom. Lexile ratings range from 740 (4th grade) to 1140 (college). If an article is too difficult or too easy, you can choose a different reading level. Registration (currently free) is required, and you can sign up with your Google account. Newsela allows you to set up student accounts and assign readings and quizzes, and students can also register with their Google Apps accounts. It looks like you can also print articles for distribution to students.

Part 2:  Math and Project-Based Learning . . . 22 Amazing Resources
Check out the link to Part 1 if you missed it last week.

Calendly works with Google Calendar to easily set up appointment slots. This might work for scheduling parent conferences!  Read how a university professor uses Calendly to schedule his student office hours.

Film Directly to the Google Drive App
Did you know you can access an iPad's, iPhone's, or iPod's camera directly through the Google Drive app and then upload and save the video or picture in your Google Drive? This allows you to share the picture or video as you can any other Google file. No more flash drives! This process will work great for students working on a group video project! Note the handout that can be downloaded for your students.

The Free Technology for Teachers blog provides a video on how to share pictures and videos privately through the Google Drive app without posting them online for public viewing.

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