Thursday, November 14, 2013

PA Core Tech & Writing: Copyright & Creative Commons

Image Source
As we encourage students to publish their work online to meet the PA Core ELA Writing Standards (CC 1.4 Technology and Publication), we must make them aware of copyright laws, especially when they are including photos, music, audio, and other multimedia that they find online.

See the resources below to become aware of copyright and fair use guidelines so we can pass on these rules to our students!

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers
This printable chart was designed to explain to teachers what we can legally do under copyright law.

Citing an Image is Not Enough!
Are your students (and you) citing images correctly when posting them on a blog or web site? Be sure to read through the comments at the end of this post.

Creative Commons and Copyright
This short video from CommonCraft explains in simple terms how to navigate copyright law and ensure that you are honoring the ownership of creative works. This is a great video to show students before they begin a multimedia presentation.

My Creative Commons Resources on Delicious
Visit my Delicious account to access the Creative Commons resources that I've bookmarked.

Coming soon . . . how and where students and teachers can find multimedia resources they can legally use in their multimedia presentations.

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These veggies can be made ahead and served at room temperature. Wouldn't they make a great side dish for Thanksgiving . . . if you can convince someone to brave the cold temps to grill them?

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