Monday, November 18, 2013

PA Core Tech & Writing: Copyright & Creative Common Searches

One way for students and teachers to avoid violating copyright laws when using the creative works of others--photos, music, sound clips, etc.--is to use only those with Creative Commons licensing. Read more about Creative Commons licensing and watch a short video on the Creative Commons web site.

Be aware, though, that Creative Commons licensing does not automatically give us free reign to use, modify, or sell the creative works of others. The owner determines to what extent he retains his rights by choosing a license under which to share his work. And because the owner owns the copyright of this work, we still need to give him due credit.

The following five-minute YouTube video explains the Creative Commons licensing tools.

One way to quickly and easily find pictures and multimedia with Creative Commons licensing is to use the Creative Commons search at Here you can search for photos, sound files, music, videos, and more--all with Creative Commons licensing. Type your search query and then click the service you wish to search. Remember, though, to check the license for each piece, give the owner credit, and follow his wishes for using and sharing!


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