Friday, November 22, 2013

PA Core Tech & Writing: Publishing Student Work

The PA Core Standards for English Language Arts (1.4 Writing--Technology and Publication) for K-12 incorporate the use of digital tools to produce and publish writing. Beginning with Grade 4, the Standards include the use of the Internet to produce and publish. The Standards for Writing in Science and Technical Subjects as well as the Standards for Writing in History and Social Studies also include the use of "technology, including the Internet to produce and publish writing" beginning in Grade 6.

The following articles will give you some ideas on how other teachers are using technology in their writing instruction.

Publishing Young Authors
This Kindergarten teacher discusses how his students write and publish books using the $4.99 Book Creator iPad app.

Using Instagram to Encourage Writing in Kindergarten
Although this article was written by a Kindergarten teacher, his ideas can certainly be adapted for any elementary classroom.
They are writing about things that are relevant to them and their world: it’s authentic. From the get go these students understand that writing is a very valuable tool for communicating. They are motivated to write!
How to Set Yourself Up for Classroom Blogging Success
If you're considering using blogging as a means to meet the student publication requirements of the PA Core Writing Standards, this article has tips to help you get started. Of course, I will work with you and your students in your blogging quest!

Have your Students Write an eBook
The students of a 7th grade social studies teacher researched and wrote an ebook on the Thirteen Colonies using iBook Author software. (Bonus--our new Macbooks include iBook Author!) Their book is available as a free download in the App Store. How exciting is that for student writers?

And this week's Friday Food Flash--Easy Apple Buckle! I like to see that word "easy" in recipes!

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