Monday, December 16, 2013

Science, Google, iMovie, and More

Good Time:  4 Ways to Reawaken Student Engagement
Some suggestions for getting students excited about your class again if they've fallen into a rut. (I have a feeling Christmas break will cure some of this!)

ReadWorks Adds More Science Passages Aligned to Common Core Standards
For elementary and middle school students, with accompanying question sets.

Google Tips
Get more out of your Google Apps account by checking out the tips, which you can sort by product. Click on a card to flip and learn!

iMovie Trailers Across the Content Areas
The article discusses using the iMovie app on an iPad to create iMovie trailers. Remember that the Macbooks also have iMovie installed, and MovieMaker is available for the PC computers if you'd like to integrate this type of project in your classroom.

How to Start Changing Culture Today
This isn't my typical tech information, but it resonated with me. Let's all try to say "thank you" a little more often. I will if you will! :)

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